10th International Electoral Affairs Symposium, Montego Bay Jamaica, 2015

"Our team thoroughly enjoyed your well planned and expertly executed Electoral Affairs Symposium in Jamaica. After a life-long career running political campaigns, your symposium opened my eyes to the hard work and preparation required to ensure the people’s right to vote. All presenters were true professionals dedicated to fair and transparent elections. Best of all, everyone we met was friendly and willing to freely share their experiences and advice. I intend to attend a future symposium and highly recommend it to others."
(Carlos A. Rodriguez, President, Campaign24)

"The conference was really good and a success. You and your team did a great job. Congratulations!"
(Independent Electoral Commission of Lesotho)

"The event was very interesting from the point of view that there was not one specific Elections theme but a number of very different experiences and topics were presented and discussed and this supported strong participation from the audience."

"It was an eye opening experience to learn about how EMBs are looking to conduct free and fair elections. Overall a very good event"
(Bharat Electronics Limited)

8th International Electoral Affairs Symposium,
Lake Naivasha, Kenya 2014

"The Election Symposium is probably the definitive forum for election specialists to keep up to-date and share their latest experiences and best practices. Most of the top executives in the field contribute and the organisers go to great lengths to ensure everyone has an opportunity to network and learn from their peers. It is also an ideal opportunity to see how the latest technologies concerning elections can be leveraged, giving candidates ample opportunity to explore new ideas with the vendors directly . The Mauritius venue seems to attract key individuals from Africa, Middle East, Asia and it is interesting to see how the use of new technology appears to be ‘leap-frogging’ the western world, I suspect largely because of initiatives nurtured from this forum. During the recent successful Symposium held in Kenya in July 2014, SAS introduced the concept of embracing Social Media during elections and using advanced analytics to understand the voters sentiment and opinions. It is testimony to the organisers forward-thinking to see them take this one step further and place the subject high on their agenda for future planned events. Well done ICPS!"
(Gerard McDonnell, Client Director Middle East & Africa, SAS Public Security, EMEA & AP)

7th International Electoral Affairs Symposium,
Kuala Lumpur 2013

"I would like to congratulate ICPS and the Election Commission of Malaysia for organizing a remarkable, highly professional event that brought together the representatives of EMBs and international electoral experts all over the globe. The 7th International Electoral Affairs Symposium represented an excellent opportunity for all participants to establish and strengthen relationships and exchange ideas in a pleasant working environment."
(Permanent Electoral Authority Romania)

"This event offered a wide range of interesting presentations on „electoral reforms“ and helped participants to connect with vendors who presented the most recent technological solutions for better elections. "
(Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

"I was really impressed by the level of organization of the event in terms of program contents and the award ceremony.

The venue was really perfect including the location, meeting halls, coffee breaks. The conference topics were very much relevant, beneficial, and direct to the point. "

(Central Election Commission of Palestine)

"The International Electoral Award and International Electoral Affairs Symposium were well organized and for me being the first time to attend, I will never forget the experience I gained from it. I learned a lot from those Commissions that are using Biometrics in Voter Registration."
(Malawi Electoral Commission)

"The presenters did an outstanding job. Everything was presented in a very clear manner, and they answered questions thoroughly. I really appreciated being able to attend the Conference. The moderator did a great job of answering questions in chat. I learned a great deal. It really should be mandatory for all new electoral participants. Having attended many of these conferences now, I continue to learn something new whether from the dialogue between attendees and workshop leaders or from incidents that have come up since the last conference that I need to have clarified, especially in the area of what is a "rule" and what a “best practice. "
(Election Commission of Pakistan)

"The International Electoral Affairs Symposium held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was an important milestone equal to the many other events that the organisers and sponsors have made available for peer to peer learning. The quality of the leadership offered by the outstanding Chairperson of the Symposium is always unique - facilitative, warm, friendly and instructive. The choice of case studies examined was both varied and interesting. The speakers presented authoritatively on their chosen subjects and enough time was allowed for in-depth probing and discussion. "
(Election Commission of South Africa)

6th International Electoral Affairs Symposium,
Mauritius 2013

"The symposium was a great success and the credit goes to the organizers and coordinators of ICPS, who ensured excellent arrangements and made our stay in Mauritius comfortable and memorable. Thanks for all that.

Besides, we all benefited a great deal from each others' experiences and perspectives shared during the two-day interactions, which was the basic objective of the event.

Kindly convey our regards to Mr Charles Lasham, Director of Electoral Affairs, as well as to all other colleagues."

(Ishtiak A. Khan, Secretary, Election Commission of Pakistan)

"It was a great pleasure to participate in the 6th International Electoral Affairs Symposium in Mauritius. The deliberations of the Conference were very useful which also provided an opportunity to network with senior officials of Election Management Bodies of various countries. I compliment all the organisers for the success of the event.

I also noted with interest new and innovative technological solutions for election management, displayed by various vendors.

I look forward to more meaningful co-operation between the Election Commission of India and ICPS."

(Dr Nasim Zaidi, Election Commissioner of India)

"It was my pleasure to participate in the recent 6th Annual International Electoral Affairs Symposium, held in Mauritius on 27th May 2013. The event was very informative and made valuable use of our time and provided a unique opportunity to meet new people and exchange information and experiences.

Special thanks to Mr Irfan Abdool Rahman, Election Commissioner of Mauritius, ICPS, Mr Matt Gokhool, Chief Executive and Chairman, Mr Alun Lloyd Morris and Mr Neil Allen, for the warm reception and the gracious hospitality, and all ICPS staff for the time they took to organize this event."

(Tariq Helal Lootah, Undersecretary, Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs, UAE)

"I was most grateful to attend the 6th International Electoral Affairs Symposium and will build on the relationships that were established in Mauritius."
(Prof. Olayiwola Dawood Olurode, Hon. National Commissioner, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC))

"The Symposium was a very interesting experience. It brought together a lot of stakeholders and colleagues from electoral monitoring bodies, as well as vendors with different products which basically would support a lot of organisations such as ours – the Electoral Commission of Zambia - in order to enhance the election process."
(Chomba Chella, Director of Electoral Operations, Electoral Commission Zambia)

"I personally think that this conference was necessary, in terms of my awareness and concerns in the use of electoral technology. I agreed with the presenters, that in 5 years all election commissions will be using technology. The conference provoked thoughts that I would not otherwise have had and immediately generated ideas about putting things to use in my country."
(Vishnu Persaud, Public Relations Officer, Electoral Commission Guyana)

"It was my first time as a participant and my first time as a speaker. It was very educational and I learnt a lot. The sharing of experiences was of great worth. So I thank the organisers of the Symposium and I am looking forward to future opportunities"
(Eng. Dr. Badru M. Kiggundu, Chairperson, Electoral Commission of Uganda)

"The Symposium was very inspiring and it was very interesting to network with electoral commissions from different countries."
(Notemba Tjipueja, Chairperson, Electoral Commission of Namibia)

"This was the first Conference I attended outside Iraq. Meeting several electoral commissions other than from my own country gives me an idea of the experiences of other countries and gives me more experiences on the electoral side. The organisers of this conference are great experts."
(Wael Mohammad Abd Ali, Member of Board the Board of Commissioners, Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq)

"The conference was very exciting and I was happy to be there. There are so many things that I have learnt from being there and I am looking forward to attending more interesting conferences."
(Alan Chiphiko, Commissioner of the Independent National Electoral Commission of Malawi)

"The conference was very exciting and I was happy to be there. There are so many things that I have learnt from being there and I am looking forward to attending more interesting conferences."
(Alan Chiphiko, Commissioner of the Independent National Electoral Commission of Malawi)

Past Testimonials

"Wonderful!, I hope we can come back again"
(Ms Chunku Ann Mashiyane Motha, Deputy Manager and IT Analyst, Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa)

"Very informative speakers and the setting was excellent for networking with others, which I found very useful"
(David Orr, Cook County Clerk, Chicago, United States; The U.S. Election Assistance Commission)

'The content of the conference was enlightening and the debates very useful. We are at an exploratory stage with e-voting and discussions really helped us'
(Terry Tselane, Vice-Chairperson, Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa)

'Very well organised, with good content for discussion and debate. I will carry lessons back home with me and recommend for adoption. This is a platform for sharing information and to learn about the successes and challenges from other countries'
(Noor Ghalgan Awadh, Personal Assistant to Chairman, Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission of Kenya)

'I enjoyed everything, ranging from the speakers and topics, to meeting with the solution providers. This symposium was superb! This is the only channel that can help us learn from our fellow election management bodies, internationally. Bravo ICPS!'
(Fletcher Chimwaza, IT Programme Manager, Malawi Electoral Commission)